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Chinadrip Irrigation Equipment (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., is one of the leading professional irrigation system manufacturer and supplier in China. With rich experience in both manufacturing and quality control, we supply wide range of irrigation products to over 70 countries worldwide. Our Products Line includes micro-sprinkler system, Drip Tape Irrigation Line system, filter system, fertilizer system, tubing and their fitting etc which are all perfectly manufactured by the advanced technology and good quality materials, widely apply in agricultural irrigation ,landscape, family garden, greenhouse and sport course so on.   Our Experienced Team Chinadrip has been training a team of professional staffs in design, technology, sales, customer services and quality control in the past 6 years. We are a group with strong integration who work toward the same goal: To provide our customer with the best services by not only the strong technology support but also integrity and friendship.           
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News products No-Drain Pressure-Compensating (PC) On-Line Button Dripper 8L/H


Good News.

Chinadrip developed New PC dripper. It can meet more requirement for irrigation systems.Welcome old and new customer contact us to inquiry and order. 


1. Greenhouse and Nursery

2. Tree irrigation in Orchards

3.PC Working Pressure: 0.5-5.0bar   Filteration: Above 120mesh. 

4.No-Drain models seal at 0.2bar and open 0.4bar.

5.Suitable for shrubbery, Fruit garden, Greenhouse,nurseries and landscape. Two type flowing available 4L/h and 8L/h  to meet different requirement



1.PC dripper deliver a precise amount of water regardless of changes in pressure due to long rows or change in terrain

2.Take Apart PC dripper with removable cap for easy cleaning.

3. Simplify the design of a system and greatly reduce the cost of installation and maintenance.

4. Easy installation,  connect them with Dn6mm hose or insert them onto Dn12-32 PE hose directly for various requirement of  irrigation.

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