• What is the important role of air valve in agricultural irrigation system? Jan 30 , 2023
    What is the important role of exhaust valve in agricultural irrigation system? After the entire pipeline system is installed, it is basically in a sealed state. When the water pump starts to work, if the pipeline is not equipped with an exhaust valve, a large amount of water pours into the pipeline from the inlet and pushes towards the outlet. dripper or sprayer). Drippers and nozzles often have t...
  • Chinadrip Relocation announcement Chinadrip Relocation announcement Nov 03 , 2021
    ***** Chinadrip Relocation announcement ***** Respected customers, new and old friends: Hello! Chinadrip, in your great support and cooperation, the company's business is thriving. Here, thank you for a long time to give our attention, and formally inform you our company has been in Oct.25.2021 moved to a new factory (Chinadrip Industrial Park) , the size of the company will expand to a few t...
  • New agriculture drip irrigation Jan 17 , 2020
    At present, China's water resources are scarce, and agricultural water waste is very serious traditional flood irrigation methods made agricultural water conservation, the water consumption accounts for over 70% of the total water consumption in China and only 30% ~ 40%, and the effective utilization of the water is only half of the developed countries, per cubic meter of water only 0.85 kg of gra...
  • Micro Spray Irrigation Mar 10 , 2016
    The filter for Irrigation is used to provide water to the plants from the ground up. The water rains on the plants. There are different typed of irrigation sprinklers according to your garden needs or size. Different crops also need different amounts of water. Water is sprinkled with the help of pipes through pumping. Water is sprayed as small drops to irrigate the entire land. Thus the need to va...
  • Do You Know What Is An Air Release Valve? Feb 18 , 2016
    Air Release Valves are an indispensable part of many industrial systems, especially for the pumping systems. As we all know that pumps are widely used in hydraulic systems to blow the gases or liquids. No matter what, the air release valve is usually placed on the end of a pumping system so as to release air conveniently and effectively. In most cases, the air is blow out which the solids and othe...
  • Water Management Tips Jan 22 , 2016
    Today we talk about water management. Efficient water management is one of the most important prerequisites to cultivate a healthy vegetable garden. If it is an area where the water table is low and rains are not very frequent, it is all the more important to optimize water usage. This vegetable gardening guide will help you learn various ways of water management and choose what best suits your re...
  • What Is The Role Of Trickle Drip Irrigation In Desert Agriculture? Jan 13 , 2016
    Irrigation - "the science of artificial application of water to the land or soil." The first signs of irrigation, and therefore agriculture, appeared about 10,000 years ago, and the infancy of trickle drip irrigation about 6000 BC. Before this, humans were Hunter Gatherers, collecting their food from what they would find around them. Often, these people were nomadic, following the game and the pla...
  • What Is Drip Irrigation? Dec 23 , 2015
    Drip Irrigation is a more economical and conservative way to irrigate just about anything. Most irrigation systems work on the basis of saturation. This means that you saturate a large area for short periods of time. The soil gets wet, which takes water down to the roots. However, the soil in between, in front of, and behind the plants also becomes saturated. This doesn't help provide more water t...
  • Why Is Drip Irrigation So Popular? Nov 11 , 2015
    Drip irrigation, is an irrigation method that saves water and fertilizer by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, either onto the soil surface or directly onto the root zone, through a network of valves, pipes, tubing, and emitters. This type of irrigation is also known as micro irrigation, trickle irrigation or localized irrigation. This irrigation method is very helpful to cut do...
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