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Chinadrip Irrigation Equipment (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., is one of the leading professional irrigation system manufacturer and supplier in China. With rich experience in both manufacturing and quality control, we supply wide range of irrigation products to over 60 countries worldwide. Our Products Line includes micro-sprinkler system, Drip Tape Irrigation Line system, filter system, fertilizer system, tubing and their fitting etc which are all perfectly manufactured by the advanced technology and good quality materials, widely apply in agricultural irrigation ,landscape, family garden, greenhouse and sport course so on.   Our Experienced Team Chinadrip has been training a team of professional staffs in design, technology, sales, customer services and quality control in the past 6 years. We are a group with strong integration who work toward the same goal: To provide our customer with the best services by not only the strong technology support but also integrity and friendship.    
Chinadrip Irrigation Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Main Products
  • PC Drip Line, PC Drip Tape

    PC200 Pressure Compensating Dripline with Anti-Siphon

    With new type of labyrinth passages, scientific structure, and good performance of pressure compensatiing.

  • PC Drip Line, PC Drip Tape

    PC100 Pressure Compensating Driptape with Anti-Siphon

    With new type of labyrinth passages, scientific structure, and good performance of pressure compensatiing.

  • drip tape with ingegral emitter

    Drip Tape Irrigation Line 5/8", 16 Mil, 16" spacing garden hose 1000m per coil

    Chinadrip drip tape with flat emitters inside, 16mm diameter, thickness from 0.2mm to 0.6mm, spacing from 10cm to 90cm, with flow rate 1.4L/H, 2.0L/H and 3.0L/H, made by high quality material and advanced technology, better for anti-corrosion and anti-aging, superior CV and excellent uniformity. With new type of labyrinth passages ,excellent clogging resistance. Excellent pressure-reducing, longer for laying length. Extruded with Emitter inside,,light weight and packed by roll,good for transportation. The emitter is engineered to resist plugging with large flow path size having the largest cross section in the industry worldwide.

  • drip tape lock nut coupling

    Strong Long nut twist lock connector for tape 5/8" Drip Tape LC0117

    Cheap, economical, easy-use lock nut fitting for drip tape. Made from high quality material, with UV protection and anti-aging, can be used for drip tape with thickness from 0.15mm to 0.6mm.

  • PC Micro sprinkler

    PC Microsprinkler 35 55 100L/H

    PC Microsprinkler, 35L/h,55L/H, 100L/H, Connect with OD 8 mm stake and 4/7mm PVC pipe and 6mm Barb.  PC Microsprinkler, 35L/h,55L/H, 100L/H, Connect with OD 8 mm stake and 1/2" BSP Male thread.

  • PC dripper 8L/h

    Compact Online PC Dripper with Self-cleaning

    Advantage Turbulent flowing  with the labyrinth of passageways and self-flush to avoid clogging problems. Uniform discharges as high efficiency of PC  , which is good at irrigation for the area of undulating terrain. Industry leading CV performance,  the flowing of each dripper is same mostly. Produced by Good Quality of Raw plastic material with Anti-corrosion, Anti-UV and Anti-aging. No-Drain models can reduce the leakage of dipper  in uneven terrain and overhead drip applications.

  • adjustable dripper

    Standing Adjustable Sprayer with different discharge

    Low cost on-line dripper for drip irrigation system, ideal for irrigation of horticultural trees, row drops, vineyards and so on, made from high quality raw material, UV protection and anti-aging, wide and deep turbulent passage way make it high clog-resistance. Easy installation and connection.

  • take apart PC dripper 2L/h

    Take Apart Dripper with Pressure Compensation 2L/H

    Pressure compensating dripper, made from high quality raw Polypropylene, UV protection and anti-aging, works from 0.5bar to 4bar with similar discharge. Easy installation and connection, suitable for irrigation in Orchard, Greenhouse, Nursery and so on.

  • Solenoid Valve, Plastic Solenoid Valve, AquaTive Solenoid Valve

    Plus Solenoid Valve with Stand, 24VAC(DC)

    Actuator motor designed for converting electric to hydraulic command which is essential part for Hydraulic controlling valve.

  • Solenoid Controlled Valve, Irrigation Solenoid Valve

    Solenoid Controlled Valve, 1", T type

    A controlling valve that opens and close according to electric signal.

  • Solenoid Controlled Valve, Irrigation Solenoid Valve

    Solenoid Controlled Valve, 2", 3-Ways

    A controlling valve that opens and close according to electric signal.

  • Pressure Reducing Valve (With Manual Three-way Valve) 3Flange (Dn80)

    Pressure Reducing Valve (With Manual Three-way Valve) 3"Flange (Dn80)

    Advantage: Hidraulic control valve with fixed inductive diaphragm inside, closed or opened by Hidraulic controling. Y Type Designed, Big Channel and large discharge, small head lose, Response sensitivity and High precision for adjustment. Flexible inductive diaphragm and guide of valve core fixed well, corrosion resistance and no deformation. Easy to operate as hidraulic controling, save effort to close or open and convenient maintenance. Produced by Reinforced plastic material with excellent hydraulic and mechanical function, use for long time

  • C Type Combination Air Valve

    C Type Combination Air Valve, 2" BSP AV0150B

    C Type is a high quality combination air valve for a variety of irrigation networks and operating conditions. With its advanced aerodynamic design, double orifice and Surge, it allows efficient release of air pockets from system during pipelines filling, also release a little air continously during pipeline pressurised and enables large volume air intake to avoid the vacuum formation in the event of network draining. Features: · Large Flow: Sֺtraight flow body with large diameter automatic orifice, more than usual flow rates. · Excellent Seal: Prevents leakage under low pressure (0.1bar /1.5psi) by dynamic sealing. · Less jetting: Reduces jetting water during automatic air release as the excellent intake and exhaust channel structure. · Anti-clogging: The outlet with backwash structure is not easy to accumulate dirt, which can be suitable for different water quality. · Reliable and durable: Produced by excellent raw material which is of corrosion, chemical and fertilizer resistant, les...

  • small droplet four outlet aromizer green color

    Four Outlet Fogger Green MJ1301A

    Super-fine static fogger and mister, especially designed for cooling and humidifying greenhouses, livestock, Net House and for irrigating over rooting tables. Start to work in low pressure condition, interchangeable components, easy to use and replace. Diversified choices for spraying range with different nozzle size.

  • High Performance Pressure Regulator 1 NPT

    Pressure Regulator 1" NPT

    Easy and convenient pressure regulator, made from high quality raw materials, with impact resistant body, ideal choice for low volume systems connected with outdoor faucets.  Pressure regulators control and reduce the pressure entering a system to the recommended operating pressure of the drip or micro sprinkler system. Pressure can be read only when water is discharged from the system.

  • convenient and easy venturi injector for irrigation system

    Irrigation Fertilizer Injector full set with mini valve and Filter part

    A venturi fertilizer injector, water driven by the pressure of the main irrigation pipe line. Excellent chemical resistance to most of the chemicals, highly efficient and compact differential pressure injection device, Economical and low cost option. NPT thread and BSP thread are both available.

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