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Micro Spray Irrigation


The filter for Irrigation is used to provide water to the plants from the ground up. The water rains on the plants. There are different typed of irrigation sprinklers according to your garden needs or size. Different crops also need different amounts of water. Water is sprinkled with the help of pipes through pumping. Water is sprayed as small drops to irrigate the entire land. Thus the need to vary your irrigation sprinklers.

 Micro Spray Irrigation

The different types of sprinklers include:

Plastic adjustable agriculture sprinklers

These sprinklers are used in all types of vegetation lands such as farms, fruit orchards, grass lands, nurseries. They are suitable for watering large areas or grounds. They can also be used in football grounds and gold courses.

Part circle impact sprinklers

These irrigation sprinklers are strong and corrosion free. They are made from stainless steel. They can be used in uneven grounds or at the corners of the fields. This has an adjustable arc that can rotate between 30 and 360 degrees.

Micro Spray Irrigation

These water the ground slowly. They provide small droplets. They ensure that no patch in the ground is left dry. They also ensure that the ground is always wet. They can work at low pressure

Floppy sprinklers

These sprinklers are made from parts that are not movable. This makes maintenance easier. They are also very light and can be mounted on stands for a wider coverage. They give out big droplets and this ensures that the water does not evaporate. They can be used to irrigate a big area.

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