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Why Is Drip Irrigation So Popular?


Drip irrigation, is an irrigation method that saves water and fertilizer by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, either onto the soil surface or directly onto the root zone, through a network of valves, pipes, tubing, and emitters. This type of irrigation is also known as micro irrigation, trickle irrigation or localized irrigation. This irrigation method is very helpful to cut down on your water costs by conserving a large amount of water. Water will come out like a trickle without stopping or breaking off. This water will drip gradually to the roots of the plants allowing them to grow large in short time. Either the water stays onto the land surface or it will enter the root zone via adequate tubing, pipes, valves and emitters. Often, the narrow pipelines are used to take water to the roots of the plants.

Various Components Involved In A Drip Irrigation System

Pump or pressurized water source

Filtration systems such as fertigation system, chemigation equipment and sand separator

Backflow prevention equipment

Main line (pipe fittings)

Hydraulic control valves and safety valves

Poly fittings to make connections

Emitter to release water to the plants

Take Apart Dripper

Advantages of Drip irrigation

Reduces energy costs

Drip irrigation usually operates at low pressure and thus energy cost is reduced to a great extent.

Due to the development in technology, everyday new ways are being utilized for irrigation. Drip irrigation is one of those watering techniques which are being used for various applications such as low-scale farming, gardening and other big scale agricultural purposes. Farmers have understood the immense benefits of drip irrigation and are giving importance to this type of irrigation in the recent years.

More steady watering

Drip irrigation can be really beneficial for the plants because it offers deeper and constant watering. It is highly advisable to water plant near the base. Plants often grow better with drip irrigation than the older sprinkler spray methods.

Weed growth is reduced

This kind of irrigation does not aggravate any kind of potential harm to the growth of the plant. Thus, weed growth is lessened in this method.

Saving water

This technique is becoming popular due to its power to minimize the water wastage. There is less wastage of water with drip irrigation because water is localized to a specific region in this method. This type of watering is good for the conservation of water.

Less fertilizer needed

Fertilizer use is reduced in drip irrigation due to localized water supply (i.e. the water will be reaching to only a confined area where it is directed via pipes and emitter).

For maximum yield of crops

During drip irrigation, your crops are getting an adequate water supply. For this reason, crops grow far better than the other traditional ways. By using this kind of irrigation technique, you can earn a maximum yield of crops at reasonable cost.

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