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What Is Drip Irrigation?


Drip Irrigation is a more economical and conservative way to irrigate just about anything. Most irrigation systems work on the basis of saturation. This means that you saturate a large area for short periods of time. The soil gets wet, which takes water down to the roots. However, the soil in between, in front of, and behind the plants also becomes saturated. This doesn't help provide more water to the roots. It just makes the dirt wet.


When you use drip irrigation you provide a steady but slow supply of water directly to the plants or even directly to the root systems. By using a continuous but slow drip the roots are always receiving the water that they need while keeping water use to a minimum. When you use this method you are providing a greater amount of water directly to the roots while you are using less than half of the water needed to operate a traditional irrigation system.


There have been many versions of drip irrigation over the centuries. This was a method that was initially derived from clay pots that were placed in the ground next to the root system. The pots were filled with water and the clay acted as a sponge, soaking the water from the inside of the pot and then allowing the soil next to the roots to absorb it.


Drip tape, Drip Irrigation Mini Hose, and even upper level drippers are now applied to a variety of crops. Irrigation tubes can be run under the ground and resurfaced for each plant. This is where the water is able to escape and seep into the ground. Crops that rely on recycled water and limited water supplies have been able to flourish using this type of system.


Before you install a system like this you need to have a professional landscaper or irrigation expert evaluate the property. The type of soil you have, the general topography, the kind of crop you are growing and any other condition specific elements need to be considered. That way you will end up with the most proficient irrigation system.


Using drip irrigation for most crops, plants, and greenhouses can help ensure that you yield the best possible growth from each plant. With a constant supply of water that does not drown the roots you can see the difference almost immediately. Plants of almost any kind will thrive under a system like this. More information please visit chinadrip.

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