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New Trubulent Flowing On-line Dripper


Good news, Chinadrip developed new products, Trubulent Flowing On-line Dripper, new products have below advantage, pls check.


1.Turbulent flowing with the labyrinth of passageways avoid clogging problems.

2.Uniform discharges as the small flowing index , which is good at irrigation for the area of undulating terrain.

3.Industry leading CV perforamnce, the flowing of each dripper is same mostly.

4.Dripper can be opened to facilitate cleaning and use for long time .

5.Produced by Good Quality of Raw plastic material with Anti-corrosion, Anti-UV and Anti-aging.


1. Greenhouse and Nursery

2. Tree irrigation in Orchards

3. Working pressure: 0.7-4.5bar Minimum Filteration: 120mesh.

4. Suitable for shrubbery, Flower garden, Fruit tree and other planting.

5. Four type flowing available 2L/h, 4L/h, 8L/h and 16L/h to meet different requirement.

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