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Drip Irrigation 2 GPH Flag Take-Apart Flag Emitter
flag dripper for 1/4 tubing 2 GPH
  • color: Blue
  • product origin : XIAMEN
  • payment : T/T, L/C
  • shipping port : XIAMEN
  • lead time : 5 DAYS FOR QUANTITY 100000PCS
  • brand: chinadrip
  • item no.: TAD0108
product details

On-Line Dripper Family: 


1. Ideal for those installations where quality of the water may represent a problem, you can be easy to clean the emitter if you use Take Apart Dripper.

2. Ideal for those installations where the terrain of land is excessive to be sure them work well although the differential head is large.

3. Suitable for most horticultural trees, row crops and vineyards.shrubbery, Flower garden, Fruit tree, Pottings and other plantings.

4.  Working pressure: 0.7-4.5bar Minimum Filteration: 120mesh.

5. 4L/h, 8L/h and 16L/h three type of drippers available to meet different requirement.



1. Self tapping barbed inlet for easy installation.

2. Outlet barb for use with 1/4" (.150-.160 ID) distribution tubing.

3. Twist open top with lock for secure operation under pressure, Easy to remove for inspection and cleaning.

4. Turbulent flowing with the labyrinth of passageways avoid clogging problems .

5. Produced by Good Quality of Raw plastic material with Anti-corrosion, Anti-UV and Anti-aging.

6. Stable and high quality material resistant to agricultural chemicals and UV degradation.

7. Highly clog-resistant due to wide, deep turbulent passageways.

8. Low cost of these dripper makes them very popular.

9. The discharges are rated from 1 bar to 1.5bar, and at lower pressure you will get a lower discharge and at higher pressure you will get a somewhat higher discharge.

10.  At very low pressure, these drippers work better than pressure compensating dripper.

11. Easy installation, connect them with Dn6mm hose or insert them onto Dn12-32 PE hose directly for various requirement of irrigation.

First, Punch a Dn3 Hole on the PE pipe  

Make a Dn3 hole on PE pipe for dripper

Second, insert the dripper on the pipe. 

take apart flag Emitter

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