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New irrigation fittings for PE and Drip pipe fittings


Good news, Chinadrip have new irrigation products for Dn16 PE and Drip line. Expect barb pipe fittings, we can supply new Lock irrigation fittings for pipe also. we have Lock Coupling, Lock Coupling with Male Thread, Luck Connection for" Lay Flat" Tube, Lock Tee, Lock Offtake for PVC Pipe. It can meet more customer requirement. Below you can find the details:
New irrigation Lock fittings for PE and Drip line
In LDPE Tubing with thickness from 0.9mm to 1.2mm, Pipe diameter from 16mm to 20mm.
1. Made of high quality material, UV Resistant.
2. Extremely long - when SDI is used and a drip line happens to crack/ blow up needing cut off and repair, it will be relatively easy to connect both ends of the pipe using this connector.

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