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Chinadrip Adjustble Vortexing Spayer with Spite 0-80L/H
adjustable eimtter drippers
  • color: Red
  • product origin : XIAMEN
  • payment : T/T, L/C
  • shipping port : XIAMEN
  • lead time : 5 DAYS FOR QUANTITY 100000PCS
  • brand: chinadrip
  • item no.: AS0170H
product details


1.Full circle vortex sprayer with fine water droplets, also beauty landscape.

2.Flowing and Spraying Radius can be adjusted by turning the cover of sparyer.

3.Easy to remove the cover of dripper for inpection and cleaning.

4.Easy for installation, AS0180B can be inserted onto Dn12-32mm PE pipe directly with its Barb offtake 

5.AS0180H can be connected with PV040453 Dn5/3mm pvc (or Dn6mm PE) tubing and easy to stick near the planing with its spike.

6.Produced by Good Quality of Raw plastic material with Anti-corrosion, Anti-UV and Anti-aging.


1.With large range of adjustment for flowing, good at irrigation of uneven terrain.

2.Suitable for shrubbery, Nursery garden, Fruit tree, Pottings and other planting.

Technical data:

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